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Lawrence Lax

Addictions Counsellor and Counselling

The True Authentic Self is not the person anyone else wants you to be, but the unique person you were given the potential to be. This is a fundamental philosophy in my practice.

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Testimonials and Recommendations

“I would hereby like to recommend Mr. Lawrence (Leib) Lax as an addiction counselor. My wonderful acquaintance with Lawrence has spanned 6 and a half years. We first met when I came with my family to Toronto in 2007 in order to set up a learning centre for Torah. Since then, we have been in close touch, speaking frequently on the phone and by email.

Lawrence is truly a special Jewish soul. Having suffered himself from addiction and overcome it thank God, he is in the unique position to help others, as he has been through the same difficulties. His own experience has made him into a caring and loving individual, always interested in other’s experience and striving to do the utmost to help and benefit them, be it with his love, his attention, or whatever other means he has.

He and his wife Amy are an outstanding couple. Together, they welcome dozens of people into their home, every month, providing them with true Jewish hospitality, and the most important thing: loving and caring attention. Lawrence and Amy have merited to have a loving marriage full of compassion, good-will, and faith in one and other and in Hashem, qualities that have made their house and lives those of Chesed (loving-kindness)

I cannot recommend Lawrence enough for any capacity he may pursue in helping others.”

Rabbi Moshe Genuth – Gal Enai School of Psychology
Hebrew University



I am writing this letter of reference for Lawrence who I have the privilege of knowing.

Lawrence has many skills that I feel compliment him as a person who enjoys working with others. These skills I believe work well when working with people in general but especially with those who have the challenge of addiction and the journey of recovery.

Some of these skills are: kindness, compassion, knowledge of addictions and counseling, and a solid rooting in spirituality. He has a commitment and passion to his philosophy and approach to addictions councelling, and a willingness to learn and ask for feedback.

Lawrence is a very eloquent man who is passionate about working in the recovery field.

D. Halsey
Professor Addictions and Councelling
Centennial College
(Admin. of University of Toronto)


I was introduced to Lawrence Lax through the Jewish community. Through my interactions with Mr. Lax, I quickly realized that he is an outstanding individual with above-average capabilities with respect to hisactive listening skills, his ability to empathize and his ability to look at an issue from various perspectives.

In his personal capacity as a mentor and a friend, Mr. Lax provided me with much-needed insight into the personal crisis I was going through at the time. He treated my issues as if it were his own, and showed the requisite understanding and support that I needed during that phase. Mr. Lax has the ability to “think outside the box”. He is able to confront a problem and formulate asolution through a creative, thoughtful approach.

Lawyer (confidential)


“I met Lawrence about 5 years ago. Lawrence has counseled me on issues from family and friends to dating and marriage. He has always  listened  to  me with kindness and compassion. His insights were very helpful and  i was able to build a trusting relationship with him.

Even though I have since lived in Israel and now New Jersey, i remain regularly in touch with Lawrence at least once a week. I am grateful that i am able to talk to him about anything. He always has a helpful word.

When talking as a friend or when asking for guidance, Lawrence always affords an atmosphere of open communication without judgment. He provides sound advice and a plan for action and change.   Lawrence conducts himself with integrity.  He is a talented individual with excellent communication skills and a strong moral compass.”

Lawyer  (confidential)


I know Lawrence as a friend and as a member of my synagogue. He has often spoken to me about his avocation of helping individuals with addiction problems. I know him as a conscientious, honest, thoughtful man who is dedicated and altruistic in his desire to help those with problems with addictions. I have met, at his home, some of the individuals he has reached out to and they have been positive about the aid he has given them.

I understand that Lawrence has completed an Addictions Counseling program which will add professional expertise to his avocation of helping those with Addictions issues.

I hope you will find this letter recommending Lawrence to be helpful in any position he is considering.

Frank E. Cashman
Psychiatrist -MDCM, FRCP(C)


“I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Lawrence Lax. I have known Mr. Lax for the past ten years. He has counseled a number of my Jewish clients and has an excellent ability to build rapport with clients, his sense of compassion, understanding and a integrity go well with his passion for the field of helping and his excellent knowledge of community resources, I would like to take this time to highly recommend Mr. Lax to counsel clients in our penal system. ”

Jay Pasternack, Director
New Life Counseling/Recovery Place Inc.


“Lawrence Lax has been active in JACS since 2000.  He has played and continues to play an important role as a spiritual advisor and counselor.

Zalman Goldman Managing Director
JACS Toronto


“My World has changed dramatically.  In the 49 years of experiences with searching for a better understanding… Lawrence has helped me to grow and guide me in a special way that is hard for me to explain.  I know see things a lot clearer today.  I didn’t realize what I was holding onto and what I had to let go of… With Lawrence’s patience, understanding has opened my eyes.  I believe Lawrence has a Special Gift that can help others  who suffer from the disease of addictions.  Grateful for the peace I have today.”

Thank U (confidential)


“Mr. Lawrence Lax has been of great assistance in my studies of Jewish philosophy and observance. He is very knowledgeable and shares his understanding of life and human nature through Judaism in a very kind way. When I asked for help with dating for marriage, he provided knowledgeable counselling with compassion and consideration. He recommended excellent readings and offered practical advice that helped me to find direction in life. He’s welcomed me and many others into his home for counselling and learning sessions and he is very passionate about helping others and offering his guidance. His knowledge and experience combine in a unique way to communicate powerful and helpful insights into many of the struggles currently faced by our communities. I find his contributions to be very valuable and I greatly appreciate and admire his work.”

Scientist  (confidential)