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Lawrence Lax

Addictions Counsellor and Counselling

The True Authentic Self is not the person anyone else wants you to be, but the unique person you were given the potential to be. This is a fundamental philosophy in my practice.

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How It Works

Good or Complete Recovery (as in the process of tshuva) is very rare, but it is possible to accomplish with a good program that elevates the Body Mind and Soul.

We focus on three objectives:
(1) To learn to cope with the obstacles of life and to increase awareness of opportunities for positive change<
(2) To separate the goods things in life from the rest and…
(3) To elevate change(s) and experience true authentic joy in life

The goal of a good recovery program is twofold:HappyLawrencerev
(1) To stop using drugs, alcohol or other damaging behaviours that may contribute to your addiction
(2) To make change to the root cause o f the problem which is found in ones character. In doing so, becoming a person that can experience True Authentic Joy.

Let me help you find the program that works for you.
We will work together to find the solution that is best suited to your individual needs. Lets find the program that’s right for you.