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Lawrence Lax

Addictions Counsellor and Counselling

The True Authentic Self is not the person anyone else wants you to be, but the unique person you were given the potential to be. This is a fundamental philosophy in my practice.

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What is Addiction?
Most people may incorrectly equate an addict and addiction with someone who has a total loss of a connection with reality and or a total abandonment of any normalcy or balance in life. Addiction presents itself in many different degrees of dysfunction and not all are so clearly noticeable. Addiction is on a continuum.  In brief, addiction is any repeated desire and/or behavior that cause unmanageability or disharmony.

Who’s an Addict?
Potentially, anyone and everyone. We all have desires; it is part of our survival instincts. The basic key in the determination of addiction is ’has my desire(s) and or behavior(s) caused my life to become unmanageable (created disharmony)’? Do I/will I experience spiritual physical and emotional health risks?

What is Recovery?
The typical definition of recovery refers to when someone returns to a state of being that is equal to his (previously) deficient state of being. This definition lends itself primarily to recovery from a physical ailment. Good Addiction recovery will benefit a person both physically and spiritually. The idea of recovery is to be a better person than you were before. Early recovery (depending) may focus on a person’s physical state, but a good and complete long term recovery program must also include a strong spiritual component.

Clean and Sober?
‘Clean and sober’ is a common phrase associated with addiction recovery. Clean refers to a physical state of abstinence from drugs, alcohol or behaviors.  Sobriety, as is recovery, is on a continuum. Sobriety refers to the continual elevation of clarity and is achieved through the cultivation of a spiritual and intellectual connection. This is key to a holistic recovery program of body, mind and soul. This is key to everyone actualizing their potential.

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