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Lawrence Lax

Addictions Counsellor and Counselling

The True Authentic Self is not the person anyone else wants you to be, but the unique person you were given the potential to be. This is a fundamental philosophy in my practice.

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I believe that a successful recovery program includes both abstinence and spirituality. For a Jewish person in recovery this includes Jewish Wisdom.

I believe that each person’s journey is unique. It is my philosophy that a good recovery requires a good holistic program that addresses the unique needs of the body, mind and soul of each person, with a spiritual focus existing at the core to acquire real authentic change and authentic joy.

I have been involved in the Addiction Recovery community and the Torah community for 19 years. It was through my personal journey that I came to understand the power of a program of Jewish Wisdom and a program of abstinence as in the  12 Steps programs of recovery. I am certified in both Addictions and Counselling with Honours.

I meet with clients who have issues with addiction, and family members as well. I also meet with individuals looking to better their life situations; relationships, family, career etc. .

I am an Asst. Chaplin to the Toronto Jails on behalf of JF & CS (Jewish Family and Child Services).

I am available for personal sessions, family sessions,  Skype or phone sessions, or to talk to small or large groups. 

Please visit for my articles on Torah and Recovery.


Lawrence has many skills that I feel compliment him as a person who enjoys working with others.  These skills I believe work well when working with people in general but especially with those who have the challenge of addiction and the journey of recovery.

Some of these skills are:  kindness, compassion, knowledge of addictions and counseling, and a solid rooting in spirituality. He has a commitment and passion to his philosophy and approach to addictions councelling, and wiliness to learn and ask for feedback.

Lawrence is a very eloquent man who is passionate about working in the recovery field.
Denise Halsey
Professor of Addiction Studies
Centennial College (Admin. of University of Toronto)

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